Friday, November 18, 2011

Real Talk

Real Talk:
"You can't see the forest for the trees" is a saying I'm sure most of us are familiar with. The author penned this quote to remind us that we can not see how far we have come for looking at how far we have yet to go or you can't see what is in front of you for trying to look ahead to what you don't yet have. 
Three weeks ago I found renewed motivation (through a lot of prayer) at the gym to press towards a goal that was begun prior to becoming pregnant with our fifth and fabulous baby boy. Bottom line what I want to accomplish would seem crazy to most considering my age and that fact that my body has been blessed to produce five fabulous babies, but since when has crazy been impossible for God - um never!
Anytime you begin something new, or your resolve has been renewed you should expect resistance. I think most times we wait for the resistance to be outward (enemies, family, friends, random people on the street, you know), but I feel the worse kind of resistance is that which takes place within. We do more to talk ourselves out of, discourage, and smash our own hopes and dreams than any man. Listening to satan is an automatic setup for failure. 
Last night I hit the wall, I felt it coming a few days prior, but did nothing to prepare myself for it. I had been consciously working on my diet and systematically working at the gym. I could see changes (well sort of) or better yet I could feel them. While at the gym last night (for the second time that day) I looked at my body and thought how on earth do you think you will get this done, while riding the bike I could "feel" (got to watch those things we call feelings) every ounce of fat on my legs moving, it made me sicker with every turn of the pedal. I could feel myself spiraling; the more I thought about how much further I had to go the more discouraged I felt. I arrived home feeling defeated and tired. 
This morning broke with new opportunities and perspective (rest is soo necessary on this journey). Remembering that this journey - this goal is not for me or about me in its' entirety (I’m just blessed with the benefits thereof). You can’t lose if you will at least try. God told me NOTHING is impossible with Him - NOTHING and I believe that. NOTHING. So my goals and my dreams are lofty, but my God is higher and the drive and determination He has placed inside of me stronger. 
I pen this to say there will be setbacks - days you feel like you are not accomplishing a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g, but I want to remind you as I was reminded that you will. Keep pressing forward and don't lose hope. Allow yourself dork days - we all need them :0) but remember you can, no matter how long it takes, no matter the resistance - you can, no matter how you feel - you can.
Nothing is impossible - NOTHING!
This tired mommy is going to go rest her muscles and get prepped for what's next - because NOTHING is impossible - I CAN. - Phil. 4:13
You CAN too.



  1. Great write up, Tam! You've done a great job! Nothing is impossible! Keep it up, girl!! You're an inspiration to a lot of us!!

  2. Hey M. Thanks girl! You've been a definite blessing!

  3. Emeryville, California during the early morning hours I enjoyed sitting in the marina and listening to the waves splash against the rocky shore. She arrived at a very slow strenuous pace, grossly overweight for a very small woman. Every morning she would pass by me struggling to simply take in oxygen, I watched somewhat distress but hopeful for her journey. Nearly a year and I could see a gradual improvement, her stride grew in length and speed. I moved away to southern California leaving thoughts of goodwill to this African American woman; I never asked for her name.

    Several years later I returned to my old shoreline while in town for a few days. Behold there running along the walk way I could recognized a petite healthy black woman with a little salt in her once ebon crown. At least 80 pounds free of baggage, life is a journey full of change.

  4. Amen Msasa. Down with excess baggage. :0)